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frequently asked questions

Can CLADLINER be applied to concrete or brick manholes?

CLADLINER performs well on both concrete and brick manholes.

Can CLADLINER be used for new manhole construction?

The CLADLINER System is equally well suited to the protective lining of new structures and the rehabilitation of older structures.

How long does it take for a manhole to return to service after the CLADLINER application?

Because CLADLINER is moisture tolerant, the manhole can be returned to service immediately after the product is applied. For exact cure times refer to CLADLINER’s Technical Data Sheet.

How do you address the rings of the manhole?

CLADSEAL can be used for the rings. It is designed to provide a seal at the grade-adjustment ring sections of manholes and the catch basins.

What is the flexibility of the epoxy-hybrid coating when considering movement (settlement) of the manhole?

Because it has an organic binder,  it does have more tensile elongation than typical 0% concrete. Flexural Strength: ASTM C‐293 24 hours 800+ psi 28 days 1,300+ psi.

What if the condition of the concrete is damaged?

CLADLINER acts as a stand-alone system. However, if the concrete is severely damaged (requiring structural build of 0.5” [500 mils] or greater), the use of CLADRESTORE is recommended before the CLADLINER is applied.

How do you address steps in the manhole?

Simply coat the walls around the steps. It is recommended that the steps be covered during the coating process to keep them clean and free of CLADLINER.

Can you apply CLADLINER at bottom of a manhole when wet?

The surface can be moist/damp, but not actively leaking. In the event that there is an active leak, depending on the severity, CLADSTOP 1 or CLADSTOP 3 is recommended to stop the leak.  These hydraulic cement compounds are designed as an ultra-quick reaction, in order to repair and seal.

Is there a budget cost per VF or SF for a typical manhole repair using CLADRESTORE and CLADLINER?

View CLADLINER’s Technical Data Sheet for details.
Contact your local CLADLINER representative for pricing.