Complete Manhole Rehabilitation using CLADLINER & CLADSEAL

Silvia Caputi, Marketing Coordinator for CLADLINER


Located in California, this manhole was in need of rehabilitation and protection. The concrete and steel substrate had deteriorated and the channel was eroded.

Complete Manhole Rehabilitation


The CLADLINER SYSTEM was selected to complete this project. CLADLINER offers a stand-alone hybrid-epoxy system that rehabilitates, seals, and protects the infrastructure all in one product. The hybrid epoxy has the cost benefits of traditional calcium aluminate but the performance of a high-build epoxy, making it an excellent solution for this manhole rehabilitation.

In addition to protecting the base of the manhole, CLADSEAL was specified for the chimney seal, an area often neglected when addressing manhole rehabilitation. Yet often, sealing the ring of the chimney can eliminate most inflow and infiltration (I&I) with the most economical sealing systems.


All the dust, grease, dirt, and debris were removed from the manhole base and chimney seal using 5,000 PSI high-pressure water cleaning. CLADLINER, to protect the base and CLADSEAL to protect the chimney seal, were each mixed immediately prior to being applied.

CLADLINER mixing procedures: Part A was mixed with Part B using an electric hand mixer. CLADLINER packaging conveniently contains all the necessary product components, including the mixing pail. Once Parts A and B were consistently mixed, Part C was slowly added.

CLADSEAL Packaging

CLADSEAL mixing procedures: Parts A and Part B were mixed using an electric hand mixer.


Both CLADLINER for the base and CLADSEAL for the chimney seal were hand-applied by trowel. CLADLINER was applied to the base of the manhole first. Once cured, the chimney seal was given a coat of CLADSEAL Primer. The Primer dries within seconds: CLADSEAL was applied immediately after. All parties involved were impressed with the ease of application.


This manhole, measuring 48” in diameter and 6 ft in depth, was not only restored, but will be protected for decades to come. The CLADLINER System creates a better-than-new manhole because it not only restores but also protects from future corrosion and deterioration due to H2S, I&I, root invasion, and other corrosive elements.

PROJECT: Manhole rehabilitation using CLADLINER and CLADSEAL
OWNER: California Municipality
DATE: October 2017
Silvia Caputi, CLADLINER Marketing Coordinator

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