Download CLADLINER Specifications & Submittals


CLADLINER professionals have made it easier than ever to submit CLADLINER products as your manhole rehab coating material. Engineers and contractors can view, download, and print all the necessary and pertinent information or submitting a complete proposal. In addition to project specifications,you can also find case studies, technical data sheets, and university testing to back your product choice. And you can obtain drafted execution specs and guidelines specifically for your manhole project.

Additional CLADLINER Submittal Material

Project sumittals using CLADLINER products are simple! Use any or all of the material below to submit a proposal. Specifically designed with service holes in mind, CLADLINER is chemical resistant and will meet the needs of your collection system by protecting against corrosion, acid attach, and hydrogen sulfide for your vertical pipe, vault, or any infrastructure associated with collections, as evident in the material below.

Read third party univeristy testing results.

A study conducted by Florida Atlantic University was designed to test the resistance of three types of cementitious products to the acidity associated with highly corrosive wastewater environments. The results indicated significant differences between the epoxy modified mortar and the calcium aluminates when comparing weight loss and pH levels. The outcome demonstrated that the epoxy modified mortar substantially outperformed the aluminates, pure fused or other.