Designed specifically for manhole restoration and protection, CLADLINER products use next generation epoxy composite material and are designed to perform in conditions with a pH of 1 or less (250 times more chemically resistant than calcium aluminate and 200 times more chemically resistant than pure fused calcium aluminate). In addition, products contain a highly effective anti-microbial additive. CLADLINER prides itself in providing outstanding quality products for the manhole industry.

  • CLADLINER for lining protection

    The next-generation manhole liner with the simplicity of cementitious lining with the performance of a high-build epoxy, all in one product.

  • CLADSTOP 1 for leaks

    One minute rapid setting hydraulic cement designed for structural patching and for use as a leak stopper and water plug.

  • CLADSTOP 3 for leaks

    Three minute quick setting hydraulic cement material designed for filling/patching and for stopping leaks as a water plug.

  • CLADRESTORE to restore

    An industrial-grade, early high-strength, high-density cementitious mortar, that is often used for repair and restoration.