• Product Description

    CLADLINER has the simplicity of a cementitious liner and the performance of a high-build epoxy liner. CLADLINER offers high chemical resistance and antimicrobial performance in a single system. It addresses corrosion due to acid attack, hydrogen sulfide, and I&I while also protecting concrete or brick access/serve holes within a Collection System.

  • Product Application

    CLADLINER is designed to restore, seal, and protect manholes and infrastructure within the Wastewater Collection System.  It can be hand applied or spray applied. CLADLINER can be effectively used as a resurfacer and liner in a single, simple application. CLADLINER can be used in the wet, humid conditions typically found in manhole environments.

  • Product Packaging

    CLADLINER is conveniently packaged in a square pail that can be used for mixing the product. All necessary components including part A, B, and C are  found within the pail.

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Everything you need to know about CLADLINER’s hybrid epoxy system can be found here. Learn about the simple mixing and application procedures that will help you complete any manhole rehabilitation job.

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