CLADRESTORE for severe deterioration

  • Product Description

    CLADRESTORE is an industrial-grade, early high-strength, high-density cementitious mortar, that is often used for repair and restoration.  With early high strength curing properties, the mortar is also an excellent resurfacer when applied prior to the coating. CLADRESTORE provides a resurfacing mortar with a strength and density suitable for aggressive environments. CLADRESTORE is a blend of Portland cement, graded silica sand, fibers, and silica fume.

  • Product Application

    CLADRESTORE may be applied by hand or sprayed (typically between ½” and 2” in depth). Uses include repairing concrete walls or ceilings and lining brick or concrete infrastructures.

  • Product Packaging

    CLADRESTORE comes packaged in a 60 lb. bag.

Additional CLADRESTORE Resources and Information

Technical Data Sheets

View and Download CLADRESTORE ‘s Technical Data sheet for detailed product description and application processes.

industrial-grade, early high-strength, high-density cementitious mortar


Everything you need to know about CLADRESTORE‘s  strength, density and product details can be found here.