for severe deterioration

  • Product Description

    CLADRESTORE is an industrial-grade, early high-strength, high-density cementitious mortar, that is often used for repair and when extreme rebuilding, repair, resurfacing, and/or restoration is necessary.  With early high strength curing properties, the mortar is also an excellent resurfacer when applied prior to the lining with the top coat system. CLADRESTORE provides a resurfacing mortar with a strength and density suitable for aggressive environments. CLADRESTORE is a blend of Portland cement, high density silica sand, fibers, and silica fume.

  • Product Application

    CLADRESTORE may be applied by hand or “wet” sprayed (typically between ½” and 2” in depth per pass). Uses include repairing concrete walls or ceilings and lining brick or concrete infrastructures.

  • Product Packaging

    CLADRESTORE comes packaged in a 60 lb. bag.

Additional CLADRESTORE Resources and Information

View and Download CLADRESTORE ‘s Technical Data sheet for detailed product description and application processes.

industrial-grade, early high-strength, high-density cementitious mortar

Everything you need to know about CLADRESTORE‘s  strength, density and product details can be found here.