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frequently asked questions

What kind of conditions would be too severe for CLADRESTORE to be used?

CLADRESTORE is for restoration of surfaces requiring structural build of 0.5” (500 mils) or greater. If an engineer determines that the structure is no longer structurally sound and rebar and steel mesh are missing, then CLADRESTORE, or any other product, is not recommended.

What kind of surface preparation does CLADRESTORE require?

The surface must be clean, pH neutral or higher, in sound condition, and surface saturated dry. Remove all oil, dust, grease, dirt, loose rust, and other foreign material to ensure adequate adhesion. Minimum recommended surface preparation for concrete & masonry: SSPC-SP13/NACE 6.

How quickly can the CLADLINER topcoat be applied after the CLADRESTORE has been used?

The CLADLINER topcoat can be applied as soon as the surface is firm enough to accept a trowel application. Full cure is not required.