CLADSEAL for Chimney Seals

  • Product Description

    CLADSEAL is a new generation elastomeric manhole chimney sealer with maximum elongation and tensile strength.

  • Product Application

    CLADSEAL is designed to provide a seal at the grade-adjustment ring sections of manholes and the catch basins. It can also be used to seal any joints within the manhole system. CLADSEAL is hand applied to create a seal that conforms to the individual shape of the structure. CLADSEAL is recommended to be used with the single-component CLADSEAL Primer. Download CLADSEAL Primer’s Technical Data Sheet here or contact your local distributor for more details.

Additional CLADSEAL Resources and Information

Download CLADSEAL’s
Technical Data Sheets

View / Download CLADSEAL‘s Technical Data Sheet for detailed product description and application processes.

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Find out why it really is necessary to include the chimney seal portion of a manhole when considering rehabilitation.

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