for leak stopping (1-minute set)

  • Product Description

    CLADSTOP 1 is designed for structural patching and for use as a leak stopper and water plug.  As a rapid-set, with 60 second or less set-up time, this hydraulic cement compound can instantly stop running water and/or seepage through concrete or masonry walls and floors. It contains no metallic fillers and will not shrink or oxidize making it an excellent choice to repair and seal leaks.

  • Product Application

    Designed for an ultra-quick reaction, CLADSTOP 1 sets in 60 to 90 seconds depending on the temperature of the mixing water, the surface onto which it is applied, and the mass. Low temperatures will decrease the set-time, while higher temperatures will accelerate the set-time.  Mix and apply directly to leaking areas of manholes and similar underground infrastructure until water seizes.

  • Product Packaging

    CLADSTOP 1 is packaged in dry powder form and is ready-to-use after simply adding clean water.  Just mix and apply directly to the leaking area.  Supplied in a 5-gallon pail (50 lbs).

Additional CLADSTOP 1 Resources and Information

View and Download CLADSTOP 1‘s Technical Data sheet for detailed product description and application processes.

1-minute, rapid setting hydraulic cement

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