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frequently asked questions

How do you address active leaks?

CLADSTOP 1 or CLADSTOP 3 are recommended for stopping active leaks. These hydraulic cement compounds are designed as an ultra-quick reaction to repair and seal.

How quickly after you apply CLADSTOP 1 or 3 can you apply the CLADLINER topcoat?

Both CLADSTOP 1 and 3 are quick setting (1-5 minutes), CLADLINER can be applied as soon as the product is set.

What is the mixing procedure for this product?

CLADSTOP 1 can actually be applied directly to the leak, without adding water.
CLADSTOP 3 can be mixed with water first, then formed into a putty that can be used to stop less active weepers.

When should I use CLADSTOP 1 versus CLADSTOP 3?

CLADSTOP 1 is designed to set/cure within 60 to 90 seconds. CLADSTOP 3 is designed to set/cure within 3-5 minutes. CLADSTOP 1 or 3 should be selected based on the severity of the leak and the desired cure time.

Does temperature affect the use?

Yes, it does, due to the product’s curing time and its reaction to temperature. In hot temperatures, the products are bound to set up faster than usual and in colder temperatures the product is bound to kick off a little more slowly.