Why Made in the USA Still Matters, Particularly in the Manufacturing Industry

All CLADLINER products are produced and manufactured in the USA…in sunny Hollywood, Florida, to be exact. Why should this matter to you? At CLADLINER, we pride ourselves on offering American made products. Here’s why:

  • Guaranteed Quality of Goods

    The “Made in the USA” label is not just an indicator of location, it’s a stamp of quality. Foreign imports may not have the same level of quality checks and standards.

    CLADLINER products go through years of product development and testing before they reach the market. These products are made of the highest-quality raw materials designed by Ph.D. level chemists right here in the USA.

  • Guaranteed Safe, Fair Working Conditions

    Particularly in the manufacturing industry, the United States of America oversight agencies, such as OSHA, the EPA, and other government regulatory bodies that provide regulations and controls to oversee safety and health.

  • American Jobs

    Some of the best talent in the world can be found right here in our backyard. Offering “Made in America”  products lets us employ the U.S. workforce. Investing in American-made products also puts money back into U.S. manufacturing facilities and the American economy.

  • Environmental Concerns

    Purchasing locally in the United States reduces carbon emissions associated with transportation overseas.

    In addition, American companies like CLADLINER are environmentally responsible, considering proper disposal of products and other associated environmental concerns. In fact, one of the reasons CLADLINER was created was to reduce I&I and water contamination associated with manholes.

By: Silvia Caputi, CLADLINER Marketing Coordinator
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